the listening party

by Rudolfo Carrillo fka August March White People Killed Them – s/t (Sige Records) Here are the noises and accoutrements of rocanrol—deconstructed, decompressed, and issued at nearly cataclysmic volumes in the service of historical description, introspection and reclamation. Here, the chaos of sporadic yet highly disturbing, crunched-out guitar riffs, booming toms, propulsive snare use and syncopated high-hat call to mind the violence and tragedy of … Continue reading the listening party

a national garden month reading list

In celebration of National Garden Month and all the rad ebooks you can read for free with your Albuquerque Public Library card—via Hoopla Digital—your friends at Southwestness compiled a reading list of recently published works about gardening, cannabis, wildflowers, preserving flowers, wearing flowers, living with nature and all subjects flora. Continue reading a national garden month reading list

an lgbtqia2s national poetry month reading list

by Samantha Anne Carrillo In celebration of National Poetry Month and the rad ebook offerings proffered by Albuquerque Public Library—via Overdrive and Hoopla—your friends at Southwestness have compiled a reading list of standout poetic works by LGBTQIA2S+ authors. Scroll on for a reading list that highlights a diverse spectra of identity and themes of desire, sexuality, grief, immigration, family, nature, colonization, racism, citizenship, self-care, mythology, … Continue reading an lgbtqia2s national poetry month reading list

an antiracist reading list

by Samantha Anne Carrillo We here at Southwestness are reflecting on the omnipresent nature of white supremacy in American society, art, commerce, culture, media and beyond. We favor Ibram X. Kendi’s definition of being antiracist, which calls for actively supporting antiracist policy (and, yes, alternately disavowing racist policy) through our action or inaction and by expressing antiracist ideas. In order to support antiracist policies and … Continue reading an antiracist reading list